Since our inception in 2014, The Virtual Care Group has been dedicated to the mission of improving student well-being, mental, and physical health. Our passion is connecting the thousands of providers in our network with the students, faculty, and staff who need them most. To us, the process of seeking help, especially for urgent mental health needs, should be fast, easy, and unintimidating. We continue to strive to streamline our platform and remove obstacles, so people in need will be more likely to seek and receive the help they require.

Three pillars of The Virtual Care Group are ACCESS, EQUITY, and INCLUSION:

  • Access

    • No breaks, no vacations - we provide our services 24/7/365
    • Mental and overall healthcare are easily available in moments, via phone, web, or app
  • Equity

    • No insurance needed, no co-pays, no cost to students
    • No caps on sessions
  • Inclusion

    • Services offered in over 200 languages (including American Sign Language)
    • Services available in all 50 states and Puerto Rico


Join The Virtual Care Group team!

If you share our passion for helping others and providing accessible telehealth services for higher education institutions, we would love to hear from you.

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