Why should schools choose The Virtual Care Group?

We provide a way for students, faculty, and staff to access healthcare services when it’s not easy to find a therapist, psychiatrist, or physician nearby, or when it’s a struggle to fit appointments into a busy schedule. Online visits allow for those in need to get care from licensed providers, anytime, anywhere.

What types of providers can students, faculty, and staff see?

Depending on the school’s plan, students, faculty, and staff will be connected to our nationwide network of licensed therapists, psychiatrists, and/or board-certified physicians. Our providers have a wide variety of specialties and many offer their services in multiple languages.

Is this a safe way to receive healthcare services?

Yes! You can meet with therapists or physicians through our secure, live video connection using your laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Are The Virtual Care Group’s services secure?

Confidentiality is an important part of our Code of Ethics. We take privacy very seriously. Laws are also in place to protect patients’ privacy. Our platform is designed to be private, secure, and HIPAA-compliant, to allow students, faculty, and staff to safely consult with one of our therapists, psychiatrists, or physicians.

Can telehealth handle emergency situations?

Behavioral: Yes! The Virtual Care Group offers 24/7/365 On-Demand Crisis Counseling.

Medical: No. Telemedicine is intended to handle non-emergency medical situations. Virtual care is NOT meant for medical emergencies. If anyone is experiencing a medical emergency, they should call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

Behavioral Health Services

What are the benefits of online therapy?

Online therapy provides an easy, convenient way to access services from home. This increases confidentiality and comfort for those seeking care. In addition, students, faculty and staff members making appointments will be able to make gender, ethnic, language, and LGBTQIA+ preferences, ensuring they find the right therapist for them.

Can students, faculty, and staff speak with the same therapist each time they have a visit?

Absolutely, and we encourage them to find a therapist they feel comfortable with so they can build the trust needed to work through their difficulties. However, if at any time a student, faculty, or staff member feels the need to choose another therapist, they can, as we have numerous providers available in each state.

When are therapists available?

Crisis intervention specialists are available 24/7/365. For less urgent matters, many providers have availability for appointments not only during daytime hours, but evenings and weekends, as well. Once a student, faculty, or staff member chooses a therapist, they can set an appointment with them directly, at a mutually convenient time.

Medical Health Services

When should a student, faculty, or staff member choose telemedicine?

A few examples of when telemedicine would be a great option, are: If they are considering an ER or urgent care visit for a non-emergency medical issue, if their primary care physician is not available for an office visit, if they need to request prescriptions or get refills, or if they are traveling and are in need of non-emergency medical care.

Can telemedicine replace PCPs (Primary Care Physicians)?

No. Telemedicine is not intended to replace primary care physicians. But, for common or chronic conditions, a virtual care visit can often replace a visit to a physician’s office, urgent care, or emergency room.

What is the average response time of The Virtual Care Group’s physicians?

The average response time is fifteen minutes. It is important to note that these few minutes are necessary, as they allow the physician to read the student, faculty, or staff member’s health information in advance of a consultation.

Are The Virtual Care Group’s physicians part of a call center?

No. Our physicians are state-licensed, board-certified, and credentialed professionals who specialize in internal medicine, family practice, emergency medicine, or pediatrics.

Are physicians always available?

Yes. Medical physicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, including holidays.

Can The Virtual Care Group’s physicians write prescriptions?

Yes. If the physician believes medication is warranted, they can write a prescription for non-narcotic medications, which can be sent electronically to a preferred pharmacy. Physicians WILL NOT prescribe controlled substances, psychotropic, or lifestyle drugs.