By partnering with The Virtual Care Group, schools can ensure their students will be healthier, happier, and therefore more engaged in their education. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, “Sixty-four percent of students who experience mental health problems in college and withdraw from school, do so because of their mental health issues.” By providing easy access to telehealth, we can help you keep your students enrolled and invested in their studies, while simultaneously relieving the burden on campus healthcare facilities.

When it comes to faculty and staff, The Virtual Care Group can help ease the financial cost, as there are never co-pays for our telehealth services. In addition, the speed and ease at which we provide healthcare services can reduce absences, canceled classes, and the need for substitute instructors.

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The numbers, based on what we have found:

  • 67%

    of contacts are occurring between 4pm and 8am, indicating a need for support outside of traditional business hours.

  • 58%

    of participants indicated an improved ability to remain enrolled in school after a single session intervention

  • 82%

    of students using our behavioral health services have never sought support of any kind on campus.

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We are the leading provider in UNLIMITED 24/7 quality telehealth services for higher ed institutions

Virtual care is an important tool in enhancing the quality of current health and mental wellness services on your campus. We work directly with you to ensure that campus health goals are not just met, but exceeded. By addressing the needs of individual students, faculty, and staff, we can significantly reduce your costs.

We tailor each plan to fit the needs of your particular school. We work with every type of school imaginable; community colleges, online universities, both public and private universities of differing sizes, HBCUs, and faith-based institutions. No matter the specifics of your school, we can work together to cater to the needs of your students, faculty, and staff.

The Implementation Process

When you choose The Virtual Care Group, we meet with school administrators to customize our services, ensuring they meet the specific needs of your school.

We can then have our platform up and running in as little as one business day.

We provide all marketing materials needed to educate the students, faculty, and staff about the services available to them.